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  • add support for other DTDs

DAISY 2.02 XHTML to dtbook


upCastGeneric 3.0 and 4.0 to dtbook

upCast is a tool provided by Infinity Loop. upCast is able to convert RTF files to XML.

One possible output is XML validating against upCastGeneric DTD. When using upCast we recommend using the following options :

  • XML (generic DTD)
  • Remove empty elements
  • Include visual elements
  • Validate
  • Write to file
  • Table model : HTML 4.x
  • 'kind' Naming conventions : XML 1.0

The current version of upCast is 3.0.8 (Build 21). upCastGeneric DTD may be found at

We use upCast for producing both dtbook and opf files. We rely upon informations found in document properties. Some of these parameters may be passed as arguments.



Parameter Description
debug Set to true() to output debug information.
section-numbering Set to true() to insert section numbering
langDefault Set the language of the book or set a property 'dc:Language' in RTF documents.
uid Set the unique identifier of the dtbook or set a property 'dc:Identifier' in RTF documents.
title Set the title of the book, or set the title in properties of the RTF document.

See comments in the stylesheets for furher information.



Should we keep thtat feature ?


At present we use RTF document properties for :

  • dc:Identifier : unique identifier
  • dc:Language, lang attribute : language of dtbook
  • dc:Creator and docauthor : author of the book
  • dc:Title, title and doctitle : title of the book
  • and others to use in generating OPF files

Where could we get these informations oterwise ?

To build a valid OPF, we need to write filenames in the manifest. How to decide on that ? At present, unique identifier is used. Logo Valid XHTML 1.0!

Markus Gylling