DSIDTB Stylesheets Releases Notes

Releases Notes

Stylesheets 0.4 - January 5, 2005

The Stylesheets 0.3 was never released since I did not take the time to do it. However difference with the 0.2 release is worth that step.

  • DTBook to DAISY 2.02 NCC-audio
    • xsltspeech: Windows xsltproc extension using SAPI5 to generate audio file from XSL
    • stylesheets using xsltspeech to generate DAISY 2.02 audio book from an XML DTBook
  • DTBook to Z3986
    • generate NCX and SMIL files from a DTBook XML file
    • complete OPF manifest accordingly
  • DTBook to XHTML multiple files
    • major performance improvements
  • upCast to DTBook
    • support for upCast 4.0
  • Documentation written in XML DTBook and generated in different formats using stylesheets.
    • HTML
    • HTML multiple files
    • DAISY 2.02 audio book
    • Zed text-only book

Stylesheets 0.2 - March 24, 2003

The DTBook to HTML conversion has been improved. It has been based upon DocBook Stylesheets from Norman Walsh.

Stylesheets in /stylesheets/dtbook/ have been modularized and parameterized (see param.xsl).
Support for chunking - multiple HTML files from one DTBook file - has been added. It works with xsltproc and Saxon. It will not work with MSXML that does not support some necessary XSLT extensions.

Stylesheets 0.1 - January 21, 2003

This is the first release of DSIDTB stylesheets ! It features first versions of the following :

  • from other DTD to Z39.86
    • from DAISY 2.02 XHTML to dtbook
    • from upCastGeneric to dtbook
    • from upCastGeneric to DAISY 2.02 XHTML
  • from Z39.86 to other formats
    • dtbook to XHTML
  • tools for Z39.86
    • base CSS for dtbook
    • dtbook to ncx
    • dtbook to smil for text-only Z39.86 books

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